Monte Verde Festival

Dealema in an interview to Açoriano Oriental

Interview: Carolina Moreira @ Açoriano Oriental

Dealema come to the Monte Verde Festival on August 8th. This is the first time that the band will perform in the Azores. What can you expect from the concert in Ribeira Grande?

This will be the first time that Dealema will play on Azorean solo and since the band has been around since 1996, we will try to make a sound trip through our albums so that the people who follow us can enjoy the songs they have probably never heard live. The intention is to make this trip between past and present so that people can hear a little of the history of Dealema.

So we can say you will not play only your last album, "Alvorada da Alma", but will play some band's songs of the more than 20 years of career?

Exactly, we will start with the album "Dealema" of 2003 and end with the last of 2013, which is "Alvorada da Alma".

Mundo Segundo, in partnership with artist Sam The Kid, was part of the 2016 Monte Verde line up. What was your impression of the Azorean public?

It was amazing! Both the public and the island are amazing! We had the opportunity to spend a few days getting to know the island of São Miguel, which was the first time I went to the Azores, and without a doubt it is a very warm public and an island rich in many aspects.

The 2019 Monte Verde edition will also feature new names in Portuguese hip hop, such as Profjam and Plutónio. What do you think about the state of hip-hop in Portugal today?

Right now, hip hop breathes health, because we are finally at all the festivals. Almost every music festival around the country and beyond, around the world, always has hip hop artists as headliners, so I think we've been through one of the best, maybe even the best, moments of hip-hop since the your genesis. In addition, there are many good-looking groups making their way through solid music and albums. We live one of the best moments, undoubtedly, of national hip hop.

Do you have this opinion even at the level of sound, beats and rhymes?

Undoubtedly, because nowadays with growth, there are all kinds of flavors and textures within hip hop that can go from classic hip hop to the most modern trap. I think all these flavors enrich the culture itself and make the audience wider and more transversal as well.

Dealema has more than 20 years of career, what's the secret of being together for so long?

I think that the secret is the friendship, respect and love we all have for this hip hop art. That's what brought us together in the beginning, we started doing it because it was a way to meet and share our ideas and feelings. Eventually it turned out to be a project - the Dealema.

Since your first performance in the Azores will be in a festival and inevitably there will be people who don't know you, how do you describe the Dealema?

We are five individuals, four MC's and one DJ, very unique, very different from each other. We all come from different universes, we all have our own style and the fact that we have not all grown up together and have a very different personality and character works. I personally think we are from the few quintet or hip-hop collectives that transmit a certain kind of live adrenaline that only those who can go to a concert of ours can see and feel this difference and this union that we have. Dealema always have adrenaline-packed concerts, we're a live band and that's one of the things that sets us apart from other projects.

How is your summer going on at show level?

We have a lot of work now in August, we will be in Guimarães, Évora, we will be at Beat Fest in Gavião, which is the first national hip hop festival, and will be in many more places. No doubt it will be a lively summer for us. Regarding Monte Verde, I would like to invite all the Azoreans to attend our concert, because it is a big festival and the bands are all amazing.